Become Our PRINCE2 Business Partner/ Affiliate

In the course of our international growth we are providing both established and fresh training & consulting businesses, who share our values (especially our passion for quality & profesionalism), with the opportunity to become our Business Partners. As such, you will earn an attractive sales commission on each POTIFOB training course you sell - whether these are seats in our public training or complete in house training courses. We can also market your training complementary to our products in case of your interest.

We, being a PRINCE2/ ITIL Accredited Training Organisation (ATO), are also looking for established project management training businesses interested in becoming our PRINCE2/ ITIL Affiliates. Our Afiliates are able to sell & deliver PRINCE2/ ITIL certification courses under their own name (still having to state in their marketing the courses are delivered in cooperation with us due to regulatory reasons) while profiting from our state of the art accredited training materials, trainer preparation, marketing support, certification exam arrangements etc.

As part of the package, we can train your suitable staff to become PRINCE2/ ITIL Approved Trainers - so that you can deliver PRINCE2 certification courses using your own people and buy just the materials & exams from us.

We are open to entering such cooperations world-wide. If you are interested in becoming our Business Partner and/or Affiliate please contact us.

The table below outlines the rights and duties of a Business Partner compared to a PRINCE2/ P3O Affiliate.

 Business Partner


Can sell POTIFOB's coursesyesyes
Can use the PRINCE2/ ITIL logono yes*
Needs to pay an initial affilation fee and annual affiliate feeno yes
Can have its own private label version of the PRINCE2/ ITIL materialsnoyes
Can have its own PRINCE2/ ITIL Approved Trainersnoyes** 
Can be mentioned on the ATO website yesyes
Can be mentioned on the EI websitenoyes
Can on request invigilate PRINCE2/ ITIL exams   yes***yes***
Must mention that the training courses are given in cooperation/ partnership with the ATOyesyes
Must mention the AXELOS IPR statements on their promotional materialsyesyes

*PRINCE2/ ITIL Affiliate logo only

**PRINCE2/ ITIL Approved Trainers must be registered with a PRINCE2/ ITIL Accredited Training Organisation - i.e. in our case with POTIFOB.

***Upon authorisation by the Examination Institute, to be requested via the ATO.